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Jackson and I were married May 27, 2006. Addy joined our family in June of 2008 and Brylee came almost two years after in March of 2010. They are cute little girls and so much fun! This is our blog about periodic things going on in our family.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Okay, so sorry Hanna, it took forever and ever for me to finally respond to this tag... weird, especially when it's all about Jackson, one of my favorites!! Here goes nothing:

1. What is his name? Jackson Bret Fish.

2. Who eats more? That would be Jackson.. but he's been nice lately and saved me a teeny portion of whatever he's eating for me to enjoy!

3. Who said I love you first? Jackson.. but he only beat me by like two minutes

4. Who is taller? Again, Jackson..I'm kinda glad about that though

5. Who is smarter? Well, Jackson's the one in school.. so I'll go with him. But I have the court reporting smartness!! (okay I know that's not a real "smartness," but let's pretend.

6. Who is more sensitive? Yes, I win this one finally!! Maybe that's not a good thing though...

7.Who does the laundry? Mostly me, but sometimes Jackson will wash the clothes. I always fold though.. he hates hates hates it.

8. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Currently me.. but it switches.

9. Who pays the bills? I do. I love paying bills!! Yea!!

10. Who cooks more? It depends on what we're making. He is definitely the steak and meat cooking man. He actually makes steak taste yummy!!

11. What meals do you cook together? Uhh... maybe dinner sometimes we'll both make

12. Who is more stubborn? He would say me, I would say him.. probably like lots of couples

13. Who is the first to admit they're wrong? haha.. I would say me, he would say him.. again, probably like lots of couples

14. Who has more siblings? I have 6 and Jackson has 4 so I win there, but he has all brothers!!

15.Who wears the pants in the relationship? I'd say Jackson on this one

16. What do you like to do together? We like to play games (as long as we're not too competitive and will speak to one another afterward), bowling (I'm lucky if I get 50 points though), go on dates, watch movies, make snowmen when it snows, play with Adalynn...pretty much anything and everything!!

17. Who eats more sweets? I believe I have the world's biggest sweet tooth, so that would be me

18. Guilty pleasures? Lately I'd say it's been his soda drinking habits

19. How did you meet? Simple: We were in the same single's ward, and for FHE one night we were playing dodge ball. Someone (not me) decides that I would be a fun target to throw a dodge ball 19283 miles an hour at, and, well, he threw the ball and practically left a huge welt.. so naturally I had to go up to him after the game and meet this incredibly strong and well-aimed guy, and, well, that's pretty much it!

20. Who asked who out first? Well, I took him to eat some Mexican food first when we were just friends and not dating, but he asked me on our first real live date.

21. Who kissed who first? Again, Jackson!! But how could he resist such a delightful treat!

22. Who proposed? He did!! After first making me jump off of my roof into this freezing cold pool in February! (we were living in Arizona though, so it's not quite as dramatic as it may sound)

23. His best features? I love his beautiful eyes, his buff arms, and pretty much everything about him. Lucky me, I know!!

Now I tag: Anyone who has not had a spousal tag yet!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I was tagged by Nicole... Woo!

10 Years ago I was:
11 years old.. haha.. and in 5th grade.. boy that's young. I liked to play and I liked friends and I always told myself I would never get married young.. that obviously worked out well... Life appears to have been pretty simple back then

5 things on my to do list:
1. Figure out what to do with like 10 pounds of plums...plums anyone??
2. Also figure out to do with a box of apples.. apples anyone?? .. oh brother...
3. Start decorating our Christmas tree!! Why so early? Because I really want to
4. Clean my house...YES!!
5. Work on transcripts...hmmm.. notice how that's last when it probably should be first

5 snacks I enjoy:
1. Ice-cream
2. Candy corn
3. Chocolate
4. Those candy hearts that come out for Valentine's day
5. Ice-cream again...oh drat, it appears these are all very sugary

5 things I would do if I was a millionaire:
1. pay off my house. no...buy a new house with a HUGE kitchen!! Woo!
2. Finish buying year supply stuff...haha.. boy have I gotten old and mature or what?
3. Buy a truck for Jackson
4. Go to Russia to see my brother when his mission's over
5. Have a HUGE saving's account...that would just rock

5 places I have lived:
1. Boise, Idaho
2. Idaho Falls, Idaho
3. Rexburg, Idaho
4. Tempe, Arizona
5. Pocatello, Idaho...boy a lot of Idaho

5 Jobs I have had:
1. Waitress at Chuck-a-Rama
2. Teller at First Credit Union..I think is what it's called.. something credit union
3. Court Reporter
....ummm that's it
Lies! 4. Wife
5. Mom

Now I tag:
MANDI (Terry), CAYLA (Fish), KACI (Watkins)

Always a party with us...

Well, it's just that time to update the whole blog-o-sphere again. What a joy! Life has been so great lately.. we are very lucky that we are so blessed. I had to go back to work about a month ago, but it's actually been okay. We've had very little time in court, so I'm actually getting to spend most of my days at home!! Yea!! When both Jackson and I are gone, we drop Adalynn off to play at our friends' house. They have a little girl, Kadance, who is about one year old, and she is a doll! It's cute to see the "hugs" Kadance gives Adalynn. She is so sweet.
My brother, Cody, went off the Marine's boot camp thing, and my parents got a letter from him the other day, so that was exciting. He's pretty funny, and he's definitely more optimistic than I think I would be. For example, in his letter he writes something to the effect of: The food here is actually okay.. just produced in mass quantities and we always have the same thing. For example: Every day for breakfast we have (1) Pancakes, (2) Waffles, or (3) French Toast. The only unfortunate thing is that we can never tell which is which...
Jackson is busy, busy in school. He's having this inner battle between the schoolwork that he has to get done and his great love for the outdoors where he would rather be out hunting or fishing or something of the sort. What a rough life having so many enjoyable hobbies!!
Adalynn is so much fun, and I find her quite hilarious. We have started feeding her cereal and letting her taste different foods. I'll be honest, the reason I hold things up for her to lick and taste is pretty much just so I can see the reaction on her face. It's pretty much the funniest thing ever! She's starting to get the concept of eating cereal...but, oh my, it (the cereal) gets EVERYWHERE!!

Here is her first experience in a high chair...the "before" picture.

Then she's trying to figure out if she likes this whole eating thing...

Yea!! Success!!
Adalynn has also been working on rolling over. She gets so close, but then she just gets too tired, or too comfortable, or just decides that rolling over is a lame idea

And, finally, last but not least, Halloween!! We had a great Halloween.. I'll admit it, Jackson and I totally forgot to buy Halloween candy, and so at about 5:00 p.m. as the first trick-or-treaters come to our house, what do we do? Instead of going and telling them, hey, sorry, we forgot candy, we're like, ahh! hide! don't say anything! turn off all the lights! like we're terrified of these little 5-year-old princesses and batmans. Oh well. I suppose that just exhibits our lack of coolness. Adalynn and I joined Ruth and Karver at the Halloween party at the Institute. Oh, man, Adalynn loved it!! She is a little party baby! After the Institute party we all came back to our house and watched Ninja Turtles! Yes! I think Adalynn liked Halloween. She was a little ladybug. I liked the costume because it was different than all the pumpkin and bear costumes I had seen, and also she can now wear her costume as pajamas. I love dual purpose money-saving ideas.

Woo woo!! What a cutie pie!!