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Jackson and I were married May 27, 2006. Addy joined our family in June of 2008 and Brylee came almost two years after in March of 2010. They are cute little girls and so much fun! This is our blog about periodic things going on in our family.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Camping Delights

So I would like to introduce the newest and ugliest (no offense) member of our family: Ta da! We call him Stevie the camper. Actually, I'm lying. I just made the Stevie up about three second ago, but hopefully it will stick because Stevie the camper Fish has a pretty okay ring to it. Also we need another boy in our family of three girls and a man. BUT isn't this exciting?! A camper! This was a slightly spur-of-the-moment financial decision for us, but we got a killer deal and everything works except for the air conditioner and the only really bad thing about it is it's a little old and dusty. And it would be an awfully small house to live it. Luckily, we're not living in it. Yet. Or hopefully ever. But if we have to, at least everything works.
Okay. I got slightly off track... Anyway, I am also pretty excited about this investment because can you say major craft project? Jackson said he doesn't even care if I do a bit of experimenting with camper Stevie, so I am majorly excited for my own little remodeling/manly craftiness area. I write the manly in there, because I'm not allowed to make it a girly camper for the obvious reasons that (1) it will be used for hunting, (2) its main use is for outdoorsy/camping activities, and (3) Stevie is not a womanly camper. I will post pictures as I get around to actually doing something.
With our fancy-dancy trailer, we have been doing a lot of camping the last couple of weekends.. well, make that we have done a lot of camping every weekend the last couple of weekends. Since we bought our trailer in September, it's kind of the end of camping season so we've been trying to get some of our money's worth out of it this year. The girls LOVE camping! Brylee loves to be outside anyway, so camping is just up her alley.

Such a little cutie! Addy pretty much loves any excuse to roam around and/or become as messy as she can, so she loves the outside part of camping. Being inside the trailer she does not love as much, so lucky for her she pretty much just has to sleep in there.

Addy does not like her picture taken, so whenever we get pictures, they're definitely "action shots".

We went to Mesa Falls, and that was so fun. We went on a little hike to see the falls. I must have drawn the short end of the stick because I ended up being the one carrying Brylers. She's only like 20+ pounds, so no big deal. It's just like carrying a little hand weight for me and my muscles on our easy-peasy walk/hike. :)

So those are a few of our camping delights. We've found it to be an enjoyable family getaway and are looking forward to many more adventures with Stevie the camper.