About us

Jackson and I were married May 27, 2006. Addy joined our family in June of 2008 and Brylee came almost two years after in March of 2010. They are cute little girls and so much fun! This is our blog about periodic things going on in our family.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sometimes I wish babies could just blow their own noses

Well, I am not very good at remembering that I have a blog and should update it from time to time. Oh well.. Adalynn is doing so great! She is growing so huge and she loves to eat!! Yea!! We took her to the doctor for her 4-month checkup, and she's in the 75th percentile for everything (her height, weight, and head size). She's now 25 inches long and weighs 14 lbs 9 oz!! Woo hoo!!.. The only bad thing is she is getting really heavy to have to hold her for any period of time longer than about 10 minutes...bummer. I suppose that just means I'll have to start working on these massive biceps of mine again...

I feel so bad for Adalynn though because the last day or two she's been sneezing like crazy and keeps getting really congested. She has a hard time breathing out of her nose, so we have to keep using our bulb syringe to help clear her nose out and of course she hates it so she just screams and screams and screams. Then I think, boy, it sure would be nice if babies could just blow their own noses. But, well, if they could do that, then what fun would that be?

The other important update I guess is that I had to go back to work last week. I was sad, but then I kept thinking two things: first, I got to stay at home for 4 months before I even had to go back, and, two, I am so blessed to have a job that keeps me at home for a great majority of my work. What a good deal!

I had to add this "stretching" picture, because Adalynn loves to stretch. It is not unusual for her to spend a good 10-30 minutes stretching before she wakes up, or in the middle of eating, or just because she feels like stretching. It's so funny. I love it!

A baby burrito!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Domestic..ism and Manly Man

Well, this week has been an interesting one. I am learning to be more and more domestic every day it seems... This last weekend I learned how to make applesauce, and, boy, let me tell you, it is DELICIOUS!! I also decided it's a good food storage item, and so I'm making applesauce in "bulk" so that I will have plenty and plenty more for Adalynn to eat in case times get rough.. I know everyone's thinking about how genious of an idea this is. The second domesticism thing going on around our house is the use of my food dryer I got for Christman from Jackson's dad. It is way neat.. I must say that I am great at making dried apples, but not so great at making fruit leather. Oh my. Oh my. If you want to eat something that will make you sick, well then, Sheila's fruit leather is the thing for you!

So onto the second part of the title: Manly man. This refers to my dear hubby, Jackson.. of course! So why is this hunk such a manly man? Reason one: When he is in his hunting outfit thingamabob, well, even a whimpy non-muscular person can look manly..Luckily Jackson is not whimpy and somewhat muscular, so the outfit is just an accentuation (see above picture)!! Reason two comes with a little story: So about two nights ago, I was up feeding Adalynn at 3:00 a.m. After I am done feeding her, I go into the bathroom where I discover a GIGANTIC ENORMOUS TERRIFYING spider sitting in the tub hanging out. Of course I freak out, and well I go to our room and wake up Jackson. Now, how many of your husbands love being woken up at 3:00 in the morning to kill a spider? Well, mine apparently doesn't mind! He just got his "spider killing shoe" and saved the day (or technically night)!! Hooray!!