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Jackson and I were married May 27, 2006. Addy joined our family in June of 2008 and Brylee came almost two years after in March of 2010. They are cute little girls and so much fun! This is our blog about periodic things going on in our family.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

For all you naysayers out there

It's true. I have not updated our blog since October when we found out we are having another little girl (according to the ultrasound), and now it's been so long that it just so happens that this baby's due date is in a week. I know a few people (myself included) were fretting that my last post would be that we were having a girl and then my next post would be about how that little "baby" was now seven years old and in second grade or something. Nay nay! Here I am blogging! Yea all around!
There are a few reasons for the delay: 1. I've been working like crazy. It just so happens that the other court reporter in Bannock County is out right now on maternity leave and so I've been covering her court and I've been in court all the time -- seriously, all the time. Really it's been exhausting and I'm quite tired of it, but now at least I feel that I've paid my dues and am entitled to my very own maternity leave! It will be fabulous. 2. I've become slightly obsessed with my crafting/sewing hobby... mostly sewing. Pretty much any spare time that I've had the last couple of months has been at my sewing machine telling Addy not to play with the pin cushion. For some odd reason she is obsessed with that little red pin cushion and seems to find it no matter where I hide it. I have an official "sewing room" right now in one of the bedrooms in our basement. It's really quite exciting. I have set up a nice area for Addy to play with lots of toys, and there's even a place for her to watch a movie, and what does she do? She plays for about 5 minutes and then she's right at my side (usually trying to find the red pin cushion or some other sharp non-toddler-friendly object). I don't get it. I would think toys are way cooler than sharp objects and sewing material, but I guess what does mom know? Apparently not a lot.
My sewing projects seem to have a theme lately: baby stuff. Here's a picture of a dress I made Addy out of part of a onesie and some scraps. It's called a "winter wonderland dress". The scraps make a "scarf" sewn onto the dress and then I made some ruffles at the bottom. I think it's cute at least, so it's okay if no one else does.. Addy doesn't really have a say in what she gets to wear so that's good for me! She was tired during this picture, so ignore the red cheeks and the tired eyes.
I've also made some sets of burp cloths and bibs. I've learned that I can make a set (one burp cloth, one big bib, and one little bib) for about $1.50.. if I get the fabric on sale, of course.. So if any of you are having any babies in the next couple of years or decades, you may or may not (most likely may) be getting a set like this :) I also needed to make some car seat covers to cover our worn out looking ones. I didn't have a pattern for any of this stuff, so some of it turned out better than others. Oh well. At least they're made out of love.. that counts for something, I hope!
Next I made a car seat blanket. I think this will come in handy..
Here is the blanket all laid out. We used Addy's "baby" as a model to see how it would work.. What a cute doll, eh? And here she is all wrapped up.. doesn't she look warm?
The final thing I wanted to make was a car seat cover cover.. haha I have no idea what they're called.. but one of these things: Addy discovered her baby was trapped in the car seat about this time, so she wanted to help the baby out.
So helpful! And of course we have the matching blanket. Addy's funny because she LOVES material. It doesn't matter what kind it is.. any material she sees she'll snuggle it and then will lay it down on the floor and lay on it. It's nice, unless, of course, that happens to be the material that I'm trying to work with. Usually that's the case. Then it becomes a tug of war between my toddler and I.
Doesn't all this look like so much fun?! And here's the great thing: I'm always looking for sewing buddies to have sewing parties with, so if anyone is interested, let me know! Some may say it's an old lady hobby, but I say sewing is the HIP new thing! See? It's hip and it's new! What else do you need for a party besides rad people? Nothing! Jackson even volunteers to watch Addy for me because he really is so happy that I actually have a hobby. He tells me all the time. What can I say, I'm all about being well rounded (and not just in the physical sense.... okay, okay, that was corny, I know, but I think it's at least minimally funny)
Speaking of well roundedness, I am becoming quite round these days. I run into things pretty much all the time because my belly is so ginormous. The baby seems to be doing well though.. she is one active lady. If this is any indication of how her personality is going to be, then all I have to say is that we're going to have our hands very full. Oh, sidenote, I've had lots of people ask me the baby's name, and, well, here's the thing: Jackson and I basically cannot agree on a name. At all. We both have wayyyyyyyy different tastes in names, I think, and, well, I just got tired of having all of my cute, darling, adorable names rejected, so I told Jackson that he's naming the baby. So Jackson's naming the baby. However, if anyone has any suggestions, I'm sure Jackson would love to know. Oh, and I would too. Naming a baby is a hard thing and my brain feels like it is fried these days, so any ideas???????
Addy is growing up soooo fast. She's talking like crazy these days, and she can say so many words, I swear she learns a new word every day. I think a few of my favorite words she says are "goggie" (doggie), "grood grr" (good girl), and, of course "mommy"! She knows pretty much all of her body parts now too and she is constantly testing herself with things like buckling up seatbelts and putting together puzzles. It's so weird because she's more like a little girl now and not a baby! Kind of sad, but I guess they have to grow up someday.. right? (At least that's what I keep telling myself). She's such a fun little girl. I think the only thing that I would change about Addy is I would make bedtime less of an ordeal. It seems that we lay her down in bed and then there's a battle for the next century or so to eliminate this (a.k.a. her not in bed), and get to this Oh, and as a sidenote, Addy loves animals (whether real or stuffed) and so by the time she goes to sleep she's usually found at least five or so of her "friends" and pulled them into bed with her. Seems crowded to me, but whatever keeps her happy keeps me happy.